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Specializing in the selling, repairing, maintenance, and servicing of the industry’s best lawn mowers, Tanslee Turf and Tractor is the outdoor power equipment company trusted by homeowners and farmers alike. With extended warranties, consumer-friendly payment plans, and low interest rates, we’re more than just committed to making a sale—we’re committed to providing customer satisfaction.

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The Latest Riding Lawn Mowers for Sale

If you’ve searched through your local classified listings or strolled through the halls of a landscape equipment store, you might think that lawn mowers stopped evolving about 10-15 years ago. Think again.

With the trust invested in us by commercial farmers, hobby farmers, landscapers and DIY homeowners, we’ve made it our mission to stay up-to-date on the latest lawn mower technology. In our fleet, you won’t see dusty and out-of-date models. Rather, you’ll find new lawn mowers built to the latest standards in mower technology. You’ll find modern lawn tractors capable of satisfying commercial and personal needs. You’ll find everything you need and more!

Zero-Turn Mowers for Sale

The new generation of zero-turn mowers have arrived, contrary to what that old riding mower in your garage might say. Where can you find the latest lawn tractors? At Tanslee Turf and Tractor.

One such mower is the Exmark Radius E 48”. Providing the best of both worlds, the Exmark Radius is ideal for both commercial and personal use. Its features include:

  • • Maintenance-Free Spindle Assemblies
  • • 5” Deep 3-Series Ultra Cut Decks
  • • Quick Adjustable Rollover Protection System
  • • Heavy-Duty Unibody Frame
  • • User-Friendly Fuel Gauge Window
  • • Large Caster Tires

Starting at $95 month (5.99% @72 months plus any applicable taxes), the 2019 Exmark Radius E 48” can be yours. And if this model doesn’t meet your requirements, don’t worry. We have many other makes and models in stock. We’ll find you the affordable mower of your dreams.

Affordable Lawn Mowers and Financing Options

Sometimes the right lawn mower doesn’t always have the right price. Even if you absolutely need a riding mower or petrol mower, it can be hard to justify the purchase when the price tag is in the hundreds or even thousands.

While other farm and landscape equipment retailers might not sympathize with the financial constraints of Tennessee residents, we certainly do. We’re homeowners and breadwinners ourselves, so it goes without saying that we understand how hard it can be to pay $6,000.00 up-front for a riding mower with a V-twin engine.

That’s why our customers have a variety of finance and payment options at their disposal when they’re looking to make a purchase. What’s more, many of these financing options come with 0% interest and the usual extended warranties.

Trusted Mowers and Lawn Tractors Specialists

Did you know that a single purchase from us gets you a lifetime of quality customer service? That’s right! When you purchase a mower from us, you get the added benefit of knowing you can come to us any time your equipment needs a tune-up or urgent repair.

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